Lisbon Recycling

A free Android app for Lisbon, Connecticut residents. It was mainly created to keep track of which week is your recycling week, but also includes the town’s quarterly newsletter. It implements Google Maps API.

feature graphic for the Google Play store

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Install GPIO Python library

//Install pip:
sudo apt-get install python3-pip

//Install the library and dependencies:
python3 -m pip install setuptools
python3 -m pip install RPi.GPIO
python3 -m pip install gpiozero
python3 -m pip install RPIO
python3 -m pip install pigpio

Stand Timer

I created this website to remind me to stand up while I’m programming at work. Previously located at, I currently only have an archived copy of the website here

Fantasy Box Office

A game like Fantasy Football, but for movie box office performance. It uses the rottentomatoes API.

login screen
lists all movies that are currently in theaters
clicking a movie launches a dialog with more details