Senior Software Engineer
Travelers Insurance
Jan 2020 – Present

Senior software engineer for Angular, .NET Core, and MongoDB application. Responsible for enforcing coding standards and engineering best practices.

Senior Application Developer
Selective Insurance
Feb 2019 – Jan 2020

Senior application developer for VB.NET Web Forms insurance agent quoting software.  Responsible for modernizing and refactoring legacy code to C# .NET Core Web API. Third party APIs use IBM Integration Bus (IIB) for data routing.

Software Engineer
ChartWise Medical Systems
Aug 2018 – Feb 2019

Software developer for an award-winning, single-page Microsoft ASP.NET C# Web API application. New features implement Domain-driven Design (DDD). Database is a combination of Linq-to-SQL and Entity Framework. Service bus architecture uses Microsoft Azure Functions – Front-end code is Flat UI, JavaScript (Bootstrap, JQuery), and Ajax REST API – Simple Injector dependency injection container – Unit testing written with Visual Studio Test Tools and NSubstitute for mocking – Version control is git – Agile sprints and tasks use Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) AKA Azure DevOps

Software Engineer II
Progeny Systems Corporation
May 2014 – Aug 2018

Project 2: Software developer for complete rewrite of a legacy Visual Basic .NET web application. Project utilizes Microsoft ASP.NET Web API (C#) and Microsoft Entity Framework ORM. Front-end code is ExtJs/JavaScript and Ajax REST API for server Web API requests. Unit tests written in Moq. Developer of choice for C#, Unit Testing, and software architecture design. Enforcer of the SOLID principles. Strong believer in dependency injection, N-tier architecture, and unit tests for all code upon committing to source control. Project uses SVN version control, Jira task manager, Crucible code review plugin, and SonarQube code analysis. Ensure code meets US Department of Defense Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs). Maintain a US Department of Defense Secret security clearance.

Project 1: Lead Software developer for ASP.NET Web Forms application used by US Navy and defense contractors. Programming languages include: C#, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, and Microsoft SQL. Front-end uses Telerik UI Framework for .Net. Unit tests written with Telerik JustMock. Utilize Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio for development. User stories, tasks and bugs reported in Microsoft Team Foundation Server version control. Significant amount of work in improving software performance and refactoring legacy code. Follow Model-View-Presenter software design patterns. Ensure code meets US Department of Defense Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs). Maintain a US Department of Defense Secret security clearance.

Computer and Network Security (Information Security)
Jul 2013 – Dec 2013

Six-month co-op internship. Monitoring real-time threats, incidents, and trends via Splunk. Create Splunk dashboards that display complicated metadata queries. Lead contact for data classification solution POC: search and discover PII on company network. Developed OSX application allowing employees to access publicly displayed Splunk dashboards. Automated much of the daily routine work by writing scripts. Exposure to computer security forensic tools and investigation procedures. Performed as sole company representative during vendor computer security presentations.

Systems Administrator
University of Connecticut
Jan 2011 – Jul 2013

Maintain domain accounts, permissions, and group policy in Active Directory and Exchange. Control hardware and software inventory. Function as an escalation point for university help desk providing end-user customer support via Remote Assistance. Use Request Tracker system to organize and prioritize tasks. Detect and remove malware. Support, upgrade, monitor, test, and troubleshoot software issues prior to deployment. Write scripts in batch and Python for deployment to remote systems via Ghost and SCCM. Use VI/Linux shell to configure Nagios Server for monitoring remote systems. Build workstation standard images for uniformity across all campus departments. Image hard drives for replacement computers. Design and maintain Nagios IT infrastructure monitoring during campus-wide operating system upgrade to Windows 7. Write scripts to automatically locate, backup, and recover remote user personal data. Write scripts to automate campus-wide remote installation of Windows 7 on hundreds of desktop computers.

Welding Apprentice
MDE Corporation
Sep 2009 – May 2010

Stainless steel tig welder. Travel cross-country servicing, installing, and repairing equipment in food and beverage factories. Operate heavy machinery and power tools. Ensure all equipment and support structure welds exceed standards. Factory welding work includes contracts with clients such as: Pepsi, Bird’s Eye, and Frostbite.

US Steel
Sep 2008 – Nov 2008

Operate steel-casting equipment and perform tasks that support operations of various producing units. Work with equipment to handle, transport, and process product and materials while adhering to stringent safety and quality standards. Mathematical and measurement accuracy were top focus for meeting order requirements

Electronic Warfare Technical Training Instructor
US Air Force
Jan 2006 – Feb 2008

Selected as Electronic Warfare Technical Training instructor. Develop, conduct, and evaluate technical training of Electronic Warfare Systems while reinforcing military conduct and discipline to produce skilled and professional personnel. Perform in supervisory and leadership roles as a Non-Commissioned Officer. Instruct classes ranging from 3 to 12 students in both classroom and aircraft environments. Design PowerPoint and SMART Board teaching aids. Contribute knowledge and experience to the complete rewrite of the US Air Force Electronic Warfare Apprentice Course. Maintain a US Department of Defense Top Secret/SCI security clearance.

Electronic Warfare Systems Technician
US Air Force
Jul 2001 – Jan 2006

Perform electronic maintenance on the RC-135 Rivet Joint’s Electronic Warfare Systems (Boeing 707 air-frame). Detect and repair system faults using technical manuals and wiring schematics. Repaired faulty electrical and RF lines on aircraft. Inspected and tested electrical connections regularly. Routinely performed operation checkouts for “Condor Hawk” RF tuners, antennas, and other various receiving system components. Maintain a US Department of Defense Top Secret/SCI Department security clearance.